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An idea is just that, an idea.  And many such ideas never leave the confines of the inventor's head.  Why?  Because many visionaries lack the ability to get that idea down on paper.  If you want your idea to become a reality, you have to put it down on paper and slowly massage it into a form that software experts can execute on.  That process can be very arduous and usually takes a while.  Whether you are a startup or an established business, we help to clearly define your ideas and get them into a form that software engineers can execute on.


User experience is everything with a customer facing software product.  Whether it's an internal tool, or an public product the UI must be intuitive, functional, and scalable.  We design mobile and web solutions that are engaging and leave a long lasting impression because we work with extremely talented designers with a keen eye for user experience.


Engineering a mobile or web solution is no easy task.  Without careful planning, a project that should take 4 months can easily turn into something that takes a year and a half.  Having a strong development team is key but so is having the ability to map out the effort into phases.  Developers are a special breed, and we know what makes them tick.  To execute efficiently, they need a well defined set of requirements and specifications.

Why we suggest FusionFire?

Consider us part of your team.  We dive deep into your business or startup needs to understand all your challenges and needs.  From Strategy through development, we help you create a positive experience that your customers need and your brand demands.  We are with you from concept to deployment!

Fusion Fire is founded by  Entrepreneurs that understand the needs of todays startups.  We are fully engaged in helping to take your idea from a sketch on a napkin to a fully functional concept.  Our goal is to give you a fighting chance to reach success and follow your dreams.

No business can go without a digital footprint in todays economic landscape.  We have years of experience in both the tech and business sector.  We understand your business needs and how to develop a digital solution that will help your business thrive in the new digital era of economics.

Let your business or idea be in the hands of your customers... literally… Whether it's mobile web or a native IOS/Android app we can take your needs and turn them into a mobile solution that will deliver value to your customers.

Why choose Fusionfire Solutions ?

Finding the right development partner can be a daunting task. That’s why it’s crucial to pick a partner that can relate to and understand your needs. We have experienced wearing the many hats of business; as engineers, managers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. We know first hand the challenges you face in identifying your technology needs and choosing an affordable solution. Whether you are a startup with a ground breaking new idea or a small business with mobile needs, fusion fire is the trusted partner that can deliver a solution that is right for you.


Our Services

Idea Development


Have that “aha moment?”  Are you sitting on the next Uber?  We can help you formulate your idea and guide you on producing necesary documentation.

App Development


We develop apps for all mobile platforms.  From IOS to Android we can find the right solution to have your business or product in the hands of your users.

Residence-in-Entrepeneur Consulting


We provide a consulting service that helps to spark new ideas within your business.  Too often business go stagnate and need breathe of fresh new ideas.  We can help rejevunate your business with creative new concepts.

Market Analysis


Get a better grasp on the market space you are entering.  Gain more insight into your competition.

Web Development


From social networks to e-commerce sites, we can build the solution that is right for you.

Business Operations


Built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.  We will advise you on best practices for setting up your corporate identity, and what tooling you will need to ensure operations are sound.

Our Process

  1. Discussion

    We analyze your needs, wants, desires and assess the feasibility of your goals.

  2. Idea

    Formulate and start to document your ideas

  3. Analysis

    Deep dive on your idea, and ready it for development

  4. Develop

    Develop your idea and bring it to life on screen

  5. Launch!

    Go Live with your product

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